A place to find a list of paper beading sites, and maybe a creation made by me from time to time!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh God, these are cute!

I found a blog just today that featured these ultra cute Christmas tree earrings made from corrugated cardboard! That blog is Smart Poodle Publishing. I was so enthralled, I just had to try and make a pair myself. Here they are:

These are not the traditional paper beads, but yet they are a bead-like portion of the overall tree. I think I love them. I painted the inside of the corrugated areas, but the originals over at Smart Poodle, only painted the flat surface of the cardboard, and left the corrugated part brown. I like them both ways. My cardboard did not look at pretty as theirs did, so that was why I went ahead and painted mine. I could see these being worn by tree lovers everywhere. I would like to make a pair especially for Earth Day next year, using brown beads in the middle part for the trunk, and leave the star and sparkly base off. Yes, I can see them now!

These earrings were thrown together to wear to a craft fair yesterday. I think they turned out cutely...simple and cute...perfect. The green paper beads were left over from the bracelet I made my sister. I added the red beads at bottom for a Christmasy kind of feel. The only thing kinda crazy was that I didn't have any gold crimps. Oh well. It's fun to make a set of earrings to match the blouse you are wearing at the moment! A pair a day...hehehe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Giveaway!!!

Get on over to Lori Anderson's blog for a chance to win this beautiful necklace she made from paper beads! It is beautiful...with opal green beads in between and a butterfly charm. Check it out over at Lori Anderson's Blog. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paper bead Christmas tree earrings!!!

Well, I had decided that I must make these cute Christmas tree earrings I had first seen the instructions for over at Infarrantly Creative, and then today I just took charge and did it! They are slightly different sizes, but I think it adds to their charm, of course!

The video and tutorial are over on her blog, and I would just say to pay attention...especially to the way to string them up (totally awesome and soooo easy), and to the way to cut your paper to start, so that they do come out exactly the same size.

I cut my paper strips out of construction paper, and it was a mistake. The glossy fingernail polish I use to seal and shine them up with, gets soaked up so badly by the construction paper, I needed to put a ton of coats to finally get some shine going! These are still not where they need to be, but they do have 4 coats now and are sealed. So...I just couldn't wait any longer to put them together!!!
Are they not the cutest??? They look better in real life...I cannot thank Infarrantly Creative enough for all the info... and the video actually changed my life as far as ease of making earrings goes.....THANKYOU!!!!!!!

Hope you can all give paper bead making a try...especially these cute little trees!!!
xoxo- Julie

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall bracelet swap with Janice Mae's group of paper beaders (Including me)!

I made 82 paper beads in fall colors for a Fall paper bead swap hosted by Janice Mae over at PaperBeads.org. If you would like to see all of the beads that were sent in for the swap (minus about three late comers...you can click on her link above and it will take you right to that post.

Two days ago I recieved both my and my Mom's bags of beads to fashion our bracelets out of (a mixture of beads from all participants, plus some glass, wooden and plastic beads to add). Thanks Janice for taking the time to host the swap and not only that, she added in all the extras to make it really fun to put our bracelets together!

Below you can see some preliminary bracelets I came up with while watching the grandkids in the tub last night. I have a lot more beads left over too...even with making up these five. Amazing. Which one is your favorite grouping for a bracelet???

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New bracelet with my paper beads added!

I found a bracelet "cord" today and bought a few glass and a metal bead to go with my two paper beads that I had made the other day, and I think it looks so cute! I'm in love!