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Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh God, these are cute!

I found a blog just today that featured these ultra cute Christmas tree earrings made from corrugated cardboard! That blog is Smart Poodle Publishing. I was so enthralled, I just had to try and make a pair myself. Here they are:

These are not the traditional paper beads, but yet they are a bead-like portion of the overall tree. I think I love them. I painted the inside of the corrugated areas, but the originals over at Smart Poodle, only painted the flat surface of the cardboard, and left the corrugated part brown. I like them both ways. My cardboard did not look at pretty as theirs did, so that was why I went ahead and painted mine. I could see these being worn by tree lovers everywhere. I would like to make a pair especially for Earth Day next year, using brown beads in the middle part for the trunk, and leave the star and sparkly base off. Yes, I can see them now!

These earrings were thrown together to wear to a craft fair yesterday. I think they turned out cutely...simple and cute...perfect. The green paper beads were left over from the bracelet I made my sister. I added the red beads at bottom for a Christmasy kind of feel. The only thing kinda crazy was that I didn't have any gold crimps. Oh well. It's fun to make a set of earrings to match the blouse you are wearing at the moment! A pair a day...hehehe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Giveaway!!!

Get on over to Lori Anderson's blog for a chance to win this beautiful necklace she made from paper beads! It is beautiful...with opal green beads in between and a butterfly charm. Check it out over at Lori Anderson's Blog. Good luck!